Tennessee Mussels

Learning about mussels was our first class in the Notes and Nature tutorial! We had a wonderful time learning about bivalve and univalve shells and learning how the Tennessee Aquatic Center is using freshwater mussels to help clean the water!

TWRA center on Old Hickory Lake

To prepare for this lesson, we took a trip to the TWRA where Dan Hua gave us a tour and helped us learn all about the Tennessee fresh water mussels and how they are helping the rivers and tributaries.

With Tennessee being a landlocked state, I normally don’t think too much about aquatic life. However, there are so many man made lakes and natural rivers that learning about aquatic life and conservation is a very important topic!

After our trip to the TWRA we had a great time passing around some shells and learning more about univalve and bivalve shells. Here are some links to our lesson materials!

Gathering Song / Hike / Storytime (Enid Blyton’s Book of the Year about a visit to the seashore) / Pass around shells and pictures to learn about various species and “uni-valve” and “bi-valve” / Exploration time / Snack and share / Nature sketching / Song (Fishing for Mussels) and game / Hike back and sing Thanksgiving Song and take a mussel home to discover a pearl!!!

More information about Tennessee Freshwater Mussels!

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