Phenology Wheel Lesson

Our nature lesson for the month of January has been about noticing the winter birds, trees, and other identifiers as we create a 2020 Phenology Wheel for our nature journal!

I first heard about phenology wheels in some nature journal Facebook groups. The beautiful artwork reminds me of how cyclic life is and a great reminder of the compass points in the Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature.

A nature phenology wheel can look different for each person. Some create moon phase wheels, some create sunrise/sunset wheels, some create a wheel for a specific month, and some create a wheel for the whole year. In our lesson today, we’ll create a wheel with 12 slices to represent each month of the year.

Read more about the wheel and purchase a curriculum here!

* Gathering Song
*Hike/free play
*Introduce the concept of the wheel and give instructions on how to use a compass and protractor to draw the graph. (Or, for young children use a paper plate!) I loved using a compass and protractor with my Notes in Nature tutorial! You can get one on Amazon here (#afflink) and see the videos at the bottom of the page for instructions on how to draw a wheel on your nature notebook page!
*To bring in some elements of music (we did some of these singing games in our Notes in Nature lesson but it was too cold during Nature Adventure to stick around for more activities!) Circle Round the Zero / Sally Go Round the Sun / Old Brass Wagon
* Thanksgiving Song (I completely blanked and forgot to sing this with our brave Nature Adventure troup! It was 20 degrees and by the end of our walk we were all ready to get in our cars and find something warm to drink!!!)

I am looking forward to next month! If you have a theme request let me know!

To see the rest of our nature dates and sign up to attend click here!

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