Garden Hazards

This month we moved from our normal location around hiking trails to the homeschool community garden. I love this sweet space where students can dig in the dirt and enjoy watching the growth of plants, flowers, vegetables, and more!

I was pleased to find that our library offers “curriculum bins” and I reserved a tub of over 20 garden picture books. Although we didn’t have a lot of time to look through the books, we did enjoy a read aloud story together.

Hans Christian Andersen wrote “Five Peas From a Pod” and I found it was the perfect story to introduce seeds and planting activities with the class. We discussed the story and environment for the single pea to take root and grow and then we went crazy with our own pea shooters!

Once the fun was over with our new toys, we gathered for a lesson on germination. I gave each student supplies to do an experiment at home. We are going to watch seeds germinate in a sponge and also in a small planter.

I found this video to be so helpful in creating other options for seed starting indoors!

We also spent time during class exploring the natural area around the garden and discussing “hazards” to be aware of while out in nature. The students had some great stories about snakes, poison ivy, bees, and more! I enjoy hearing the ideas and stories from all these amazing children and look forward to watching what will grow in our garden this year! We’ve rented two garden plots and will spend time next month preparing the soil and learning about the best companion plants for our vegetables.

Thanks for reading!

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