I love meeting and helping people seek answers to questions they have about homeschooling. I have been saving resources and compiling many book recommendations to help aid others in their plans for their child’s education.

We can set up an in-person consultation or schedule an online visit to help organize and plan your school year!

I’m only taking grades pre-k through third grade at this time while I continue to learn more about the upper grades and forms. I will give you examples of time tables, schedules, planners, booklists, etc….. but how YOU homeschool your child will not be the same as everyone else!

The reason I love Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles is that they are the “Captain Ideas” that help guide our teaching. When we give ourselves permission to be guided by a method rather than a systematized program that is not meeting the needs of our children, we are able to find freedom and joy in our homeschool!

I don’t consider myself and expert, but I do love to learn and apply sound ideas and principles into our home education. I’ve seen how it works, I trust the process, and I want to be an encouraging fellow mom to those on this journey!

Consultations for 2020 will be $30. It includes however long our meeting is and follow up documents with links and advice on getting started using the Charlotte Mason method!