October is a perfect theme to study the fascinating work of a spider’s web! Just this weekend, I had the opportunity to see some beautiful orb weaver webs in the forest as well as ground webs decorated with dew drops!

There is a lot to learn about the construction of webs and I found this video so informative and fun to watch!

Our lesson plan for this month is as follows:

*Gathering Song
*Snack/free play
*Nature Journal drawing (I don’t have a link on the internet, but we will follow the main ideas of the construction in the video above by drawing the bridge thread, anchor threads, radial strands, and spiraling strands!)
*Spider web tag – for this game, I will choose 2-3 spiders depending on how many kids we have! To play the game, each spider must tag and assemble their web by having a student lay on the ground with their heads facing the center of a circle. Students will hold hands to make a web shape and the spider who assembles a web of 8 people first is the winning team!

*Thanksgiving song/free play

For more fun information about spiders, this is a great link!

To identify spiders commonly found in Tennessee, check out this link!

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