As I started thinking about a theme for this month I realized I had been seeing many more squirrels than usual in the day to day nature observations! It is a perfect theme for the beginning of fall! The actual day of our lesson was the coldest we’ve had in a quite a while and also a really drizzly morning! Fortunately, we still saw some of these cute rodents for our outdoor class!

Another reason I chose squirrels is for the MANY squirrel folk songs available to teach children! I was so excited to plan out our singing games around this theme! We learned both the folk song “Hop Ol’ Squirrel” and “Let Us Chase the Squirrel.” It was great to also be out in nature where we could pick up many hickory nuts along our hike!

Here’s the lesson plan for the day!

*Gathering Song
*Story Share (with the Story Stick)
*Story/snack (we omitted the story at our meeting because the kids were having an amazing time creating their own games and socializing. I was going to save it for the end of class but we never did get to it. Parents, if you want to share the story you are welcome to view it here! Instead, I showed pictures from a picture book at the end of class!)
*Hop Ol’ Squirrel game. (I bought dollar store acorn foam shapes and wrote different actions on them like “spin, run, tip-toe, etc.” The kids picked an acorn and we substituted “hop” for the action on their acorn.)
*Nature drawing while teaching about the animal and taxonomy
*Let Us Chase the Squirrel and game (we used the game “Cut the Cake” to apply it to this song. Kids hold hands and form a circle. During the song, someone walks around the outside of the circle and picks two people by tagging their hands that are held. One person runs to their right, the other runs to their left and they race to get back to the same spot in the circle. We made up the story that they were two squirrels racing to get to their cache!)
*Hot chocolate and picture book “Squirrels Family Tree” by Beth Ferry.
*Thanksgiving Song

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